About Cities of Refugees (COR)

Every year, over 27 million people are forced to flee their homes because of persecution and conflict or a very present fear of it. Most of these people will spend the remainder of their lives in refugee camps around the world without the hope of ever returning back to their homes. However, every year the U.S. invites up to 70,000 of these refugees to make a home and seek a new life here through a process called resettlement. Every year, Cities of Refugees and partner churches resettle approximately refugees entering the United States, providing language skills, job training and spiritual support for our new community members.

Why Do They Come To America?

“Simply because we are the ‘Cities of Refuge,'” said Daniel Massieh, founder of Cities of Refugees. “I asked Communists, Muslims and others this question: ‘What would you do if your system failed you?’ The answer you’d always hear is, ‘There is always America.’” (NBC channel 7 interview with P. Daniel Massieh)


Our goal is to have an “Education Center” for refugees; where believers can dedicate their time to share the hope we have in Christ, and other useful skills such as: English, Math, Bible Studies and basic information.

Important Fact

Most new refugees have no strong religious affiliation. They are nominal Muslims, Christians and others. Being far from home, they are open to anyone who extends a helping hand.

The mission field is here, in our own backyard: we don’t have to go; the Lord brought them here. We don’t have to fear for our inadequacy; we already know more than they do.

We don’t have to be scholars. We can share with them, the love and the hope that we have in Christ; our Salvation.

Action Plan

Assist the refugee with the initial orientation process. COR provides vital services that include but are not limited to preparing their new home with furniture and basic household items, arranging medical visits, assisting in the acquisition of refugee benefits, enrolling in ESL classes, providing a thorough orientation to life in America, and providing job skill and employment services.

How You Can Get Involved


We are seeking people to volunteer three hours a week to teach a class.



Used cars, furniture, clothes, home goods and financial support can be donated.



Help and guide a refugee and/or refugee family as they assimilate into America.

Sponsor Refugees


Invest in Cities of Refugees projects. Contact us for information about opportunities.


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Cities of Refugees is a non-domination:

We partner with many churches and denominations nationwide.

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