My name is Chelsey …. Just over a week ago you spoke to my mother and gave her one of your books personally autographed by you. She also informed me that if I had any questions I could e-mail you. However, this particular e-mail was just to let you know how grateful I am of your generosity to give me your book, but to also thank God that you happened to share your testimony while my mother was teaching a class. I have been praying since November of last year for so many questions to be answered, but also that my husbands heart would change. 

Your book has already answered so many questions that my husband would deny (or give flimsy excuses like the imam in your book) and I’m only a hundred and so pages into it. My husband has always claimed to be a devout Muslim, but he does not practice or read the Q’uaran. He also only has two family members here (his cousins) who I believe are not guiding him in any way towards the right direction. Needless to say, I feel his heart is torn, but not properly guided. I’m not sure why God wanted me to have your book, but I pray that more answers come. When you told the story of Michael and ZeZe I wondered if this kind of conversion ever happened with Muslim men (and or how often?).

And when I watched the video of the Muslim man who’s heart changed after trying to discredit the Bible I broke down into tears. If my husband changes or not, I am filled with joy that others are beginning to see the truth.

I apologize if this message is all over the place. Between being very nervous as to what to say, I also feel that there is so much on my mind that I don’t want to come across as over bearing.

Thank you so much again and I look forward to finishing your book very soon!

God Bless-

Chelsey M.

Daniel’s story of courage and his search for the truth is truly inspiring. He shares his very powerful journey of how, in the face of danger, he stood firm in his faith, even risking personal harm and possibly death for his conversion from Islam to Christianity. This is a must read for both Christians and Muslims with so much information woven into a real-life story. I also love the way it compares and discusses many misunderstood and misquoted verses from the Bible as well as passages from the Quran and Hadith to allow the reader to research further and come to their own conclusions. If you are a Christian interested in sharing your faith in Christ with Muslims or a Muslim open to learning why a fellow Muslim would take such a risk and face extreme persecution, all I can say is, you must read this book!  Chuck

Daniel Massieh became a believer in Jesus Christ in 1979 while still living in Egypt. In Traitor, Daniel Massieh chronicles God’s amazing grace in his life and tells how God led him from a devout Muslim family, with many ties to Egypt’s Muslim culture, to the foot of the Cross. Because of his faith, Daniel was persecuted, labeled a traitor to Islam, and imprisoned under unbelievably harsh conditions. Traitor will inspire you to love Muslims and will give you a deeper understanding of what Muslims believe and how to effectively share Christ with them. Though written with compassion, Traitor answers some critical concern issues: Does Muhammad have the credentials of a true prophet? and What is Islam’s heaven like? A must read for all who want to be vessels of mercy in our present world. – Larry Spargimino of Southwest Radio Ministries

Traitor”  is a must read for every person living in our age of global terrorism.   David Benitoe

Traitor: Great book about God’s amazing grace and unfailing love to Muslim people by using an ordinary man to help for their conversion into Christ. When I start reading it, I can’t close it because of amazing real story to touch many people’s life including myself!   Ron

This book changed my life. It reads like the book of acts. God has taken this faithful man out of the grips of Muslim deception where he was born to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ by way of a journey that will inspire you to go and make disciples of all nations. I am going to read this over and over again!   Lynn

Traitor is Inspiring and Encouraging! Alina

This is a captivating story of one man’s exit from Islam and new-found freedom and joy as he began a relationship with Jesus Christ. What makes this book especially interesting to me is knowing this is the author’s own experience, not just a story from a good writer. My favorite part is when the author is being interrogated by the Deputy Attorney General in Egypt and has the boldness to ask the DAG three questions. The DAG had no good answers but learned some profound answers, and what Jesus offers, when he asked the author the same questions. I found this to be a very readable book; it’s informative not only about the author’s experiences in jail for “crimes” against Islam but also about several specific concerns about the religion of Islam. All in all, it’s a powerful and inspiring read.       G. Wauson

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