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Daniel Massieh is the author of Traitor – A True Story That Turned Egypt Upside Down.  Daniel was born and raised in Egypt as a devout Muslim. His birth name was Muhammed Kamel.  He studied and memorized the Qur’an from the time he was seven years old.  As a young man he learned about Christ and became a follower of Jesus.

Massieh was imprisoned for eight months in solitary confinement for revealing the truth about Islam and fighting for his Christian beliefs.  While in prison, he was tortured and forced to survive without a blanket, heat, bed, shower or restroom and was only given one meal a day.

Massieh thoroughly understands the Muslim culture, faith and beliefs, and despite the persecution he’s endured for his Christian faith, he continues to have a heart for the Muslim nation.  He is the author of three books about Islam and a worldwide speaker, training more than 500,000 Christians on how to witness to Muslims.

Massieh’s most recent book, Traitor, is an eye-opener which discusses critical issues regarding Islam, issues that most people have never talked about or are too ashamed to share with Muslims or other Christians.  He wrote this book to enable the body of Christ in America to wake up and witness to Muslims without fear.  His book helps Christians answer Muslim objections simply, clearly and kindly from the perspective of an ex-Muslim.  Some of the critical issues discussed are:

  • Is Islam a peaceful religion?
  • ISIS
  • Sharia Law
  • Muslim Conversions to Christianity
  • The Persecuted Church Around the World

This thought-provoking book shows that ministering to Muslims isn’t as far out of reach as most people believe.


Pastor Daniel Massieh

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