What Is Islam? One-Day Seminar

The purpose of this one-day course is to furnish a non-Muslim audience with an understanding of the Islamic faith, its history, culture, and impact on civilization. Equipped with this knowledge, the goal is to develop a heart for the Muslim community and encourage cross-cultural interactions with friends, neighbors and coworkers associated with the Islamic religion. The course includes an overview of the origins of Islam; the life of its founder, Mohamed; the beliefs and religious practices of Muslims; their perception of God; and how they view other world religions.

Perhaps you already know that Islam is the second largest religion in the world with over one billion followers. Certainly you have heard the claim that Islam is responsible for much of the terrorism experienced in the world today. How then, is it possible for a major world religion to be the source of so much strife and terror? Maybe you think that the faith of Islam is grossly misrepresented by the media or that our misconceptions have produced a false characterization of what has been called a peaceful religion.

Course Highlights

Join Daniel Massieh from Open the Gates Ministry for a one-day seminar where you will learn about:

  • Reaching out to Muslims and other believers.
  • Middle East Updates
  • Muslim Evangelism Training
  • The five objections to Christianity instilled in Muslims


$35 per person. Please purchase using the button below.

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Why Muslims?

Read our page, Why Muslim’s?, for more information about why you should expand your outreach.

Why Muslims?
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