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It is difficult to grasp the overwhelming hurt and need in Ukraine and around the Ukrainian Border. Millions of refugees are being forced to flee their country to find safety. These people have nowhere to go and have only the belongings they could carry with them. They travel in hope that there will be food and shelter wherever they find safety.
God laid a burden upon my heart months ago to go and help those who are unable to physically or financially help themselves, and I recently partnered with Open the Gates ministries in order to fulfill this calling. We are launching our new division, Open the Gates: UKRAINE, as there is such a demanding need at this time.
I have spent my life in the building industry as a General Contractor and construction project manager. My vision is to start in Poland and help provide shelter and humanitarian aid as quickly as possible. Temporary tent shelters are going up in the freezing temperatures, but we are looking to repair and convert existing buildings into shelters and build new shelters for these refugees as funds allow. We also plan to utilize help from local volunteers from the Polish church community.
We thank you for your support and covet your prayers for the Ukrainian refugees and our ministry as we work to meet their immediate needs and share the love of Jesus. If you feel called to help with the humanitarian effort, please consider giving in whatever capacity you feel led.

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Eric Payne

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