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Hello everyone,

Thank you for covering me in prayers while I am in Tanzania teaching and equipping pastors & leaders on how to witness to Muslims. On the 2nd day of the Pastors & leader conference at Kigoma. I asked pastor Gab to take me to the coffee shop where Muslims are gathered for debate. We arrived at the coffee shop around 5 pm, and there were 7 Muslims sitting there. Pastor Gab introduced me to them as Muslim convert to Christianity and if anyone has a question for me. Someone asked me to share my story. I did share with them how I discovered that God is my Daddy. While I am sharing the number of Muslims start increasing to over 100 Muslims came to hear me. (See the picture attached) . They start asking me more questions regarding the Bible. They asked me to come again the next day. We showed up the next day at the coffee shop and the same thing happened, the number increased to over 100 Muslims.

Some government officials were among the crowed in the second day debate. The Lord led me to challenge the Muslims to prove to me that the Quran send from God! I asked them to bring the evidence from other sources than the Quran because the Quran can’t witness to itself! In another word we need the 2nd witness to the Quran and they can’t use their Quran! And I will do the same regarding the Bible I will bring the evidence that the Bible is from God without using the Bible as my witness! I called them to bring their 2nd witness!! I pretended that we are in a court to examine both books ( the Quran & the Bible) I called this debate (  Kigoma Court!! )

The Muslim leader at the debate was straggling and has no 2nd witness! And I challenged him to find one verse about Muhammed in the Bible. He failed to bring one verse from the Bible about Muhammed and all of Muslims where laughing on him because he tried to use passages like mountain or camel to refer to Muhammed in the Bible I kept asking him if Muhammed is the last prophet from God we should have his name mentioned many times in the Bible as we see the name of Jesus mentioned hundreds of time in Old Testament prophecies and even in the Quran the name of Jesus mentioned over 70 times by Muhammed himself!! The big crowed were waiting and waiting for him hoping that he can prove his point but he called to bring his 2nd witness! Finally, in front of everyone he admitted that the name of Muhammed never mentioned in the Bible ( old or New Testament) that was a breakthrough that this Muslim leader admired that in front of all the Muslim crowed!! For two hours I debated this Muslim leader and everyone was watching, listening and paying attention to both the Muslim leader and me while speaking!

It was the Holy Spirit Working:
I felt the power of the Holy Spirit empowering  me and giving me wisdom and live to all Muslims including this leader and all Muslims attended the debate. I got the chance to give a full gospel message and inviting them to search for the truth, and don’t just stay in Islam because you born Muslim. I asked them to go to the lord and ask Him for the truth. Pastor Dave Shirley was also sharing some Greek verses from the Bible and was a great help to me as a team!! Pastor Gab also did awesome job in translating for me! We had Pastor Dimitri praying all the time in the car and taking photos and videos.

The crowd’s Response:
After the two hours debate some of the government official asked me and Pastor Dave to take pictures with them. See attached picture! They were very pleased and told us this debate brought something new to them about the Quran and the Bible, and it was an eye opener for all of them. The mediator of the debate took me a side at the end and asked me if Jesus in the Quran is the same Jesus in  the Bible? I responded by saying NO, Jesus in the Bible is God and Savior but Jesus in the Quran is a prophet!! He said thank you for opening my eyes!




  1. Financial support needed for those pastors and leaders. There are great financial needs among those pastors. They need food, chairs, flooring for their churches, other need to finish their building and printing material.
  2. Pray for those who attended the debate from Muslims background that God will reveal Himself to them in vision and dreams and save them.
  3. Pray for my next two trips to Middle East and Australia in the fall. Arabic now is the 2nd language in Australia! Pray that God will cover the cost of the plains and the staying which around $5,000.
  4. Pray for safe return to the state, protection for the rest of the week that God will give us more fruits for His Glory.


Again Thanks again for all you do to advance the Gospel to Muslims and to the rest of the world, and thanks for your support and friendship day after day. Love you all, and Happy 4th of July to all of you!!





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  • Sildenafil

    Hello! Cool post, amazing!!!

    • admin

      Thank you.

  • Tereza Judge

    What are the three main questions to use to witness?
    1. Does Allah love you? God is love
    2. Are you going to heaven or hell? Jesus said believe in me and you will be saved, in heaven with me.
    3. ??
    I can’t remember the third question, was it if Mohammed has ever performed miracles? And answer is Jesus performed thousands , too many to write down in the Bible. Is that correct?

    Please let me know, thank you!

    • admin

      Interview them. Send us your email and we’ll send you the 50 question interview sheet.

    • admin

      Is Allah loves you?
      Where are you going if you died today?
      Is Allah changing people in Islam?

  • Sannyror

    Make a more new posts please 🙂

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